Friday, May 4, 2007


So far so good for May. What a nice week. As Dave Petrie would say "nice job on the weather Deb!" Looks like the weekend should be nice also. Hope you all can come out and get a round in. Save the yard work for the evening hours. It's cooler then. I had every intention of doing my yard work Thursday(my day off) but fate had other intentions for me. I had to come in here and set up the new pro shop cash register(what a job), but I got it done. So I started home, and my blazer breaks down. So I'm driving around in the Pickup truck. Truck'n Mama! oy! Everyday is a adventure around here. Thing's are looking up though. We have gotten a lot of new members. I have had a good response to the "sponser a new member" incentive. Now we just have to get them to participate in some of the club events, leagues ect... Have any ideas? Let me know.
Ok, back to work. (then maybe some golf). Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought to get new members involved in club events:
Invite them to the club on Thursday when teams are drawn and let them pick one member they know. Then, put them in a group together as long as handicaps allow. Oh well, back to mulching, no golf this weekend. Keep on truckin' Momma, spend some of those Fike Dollars on a new ride.

Anonymous said...

Jon and Karen enjoyed the course and the warmer, sunny weather--still had to wear a jacket a bit...course in great shape...we tried out our new coaching lessons we got from Buffalo...I'd par a hole...Jon would eagle it..looking forward to the rib roast and tournament and sunny golf weather on Mother's day next son may join us for a round! When we got back to Buffalo last night it was 42 degrees...always colder and snowier here than Cleveland!