Tuesday, January 8, 2008


All the white stuff is gone and I'm looking out at a blanket of green! What a wonderful color green is. Most good things are green! We had a few golfers yesterday. Not alot, but some. Wally and Bob stopped in for a post holiday cocktail. Mike, Howie, Bruce and Chuck got nine in early and Steve and the crew followed. They said it was not too wet out there. The course is very playable. Today looks like another scorcher(for January in Cleveland, this is a heat wave). I think we might get some more play today(I hope). It sure looks good on the books to have play in every month. Jeff and Josh are down working on the equipment getting ready for the 2008 season. Jeff and I agree this winter is going fast. (though we also agree now that our football season is over things will go a little slower) (I know I'm a little slower today after watching our Buckeyes get stomped on last night!) Oh well, Next year!! OY!!! How many days until the Tribe opener?! Is it April yet?!! Have a great day!! Stop in soon!


Anonymous said...

78 Days before we see baseball at Progressive?? Field----The damn snow is falling again...please order some sunshine and 50 degrees - will anyone beat the Pats? Will the 19th hole be open this week?

golfmama said...

The 19th hole is ALWAYS OPEN! Sun is ALWAYS ordered! As far as PRO field is considered?, more like, Damn smoking-drinking,sin'n fool Field! But we won't go there!!
Bring on the sun!!! Is it April yet!!!