Sunday, May 10, 2009


For all you hard working Mom's out there, this day is for you. Enjoy!! MOM'S ROCK!!
Looks like the weather should be good for whatever event you have planned. (hope some of the day includes golf)
I'm sitting here watching the sunrise. It truly is a beautiful view. Sometimes I loose sight of how pretty it is here. I guess I just get caught up in the everyday projects around here, but there is always someone who comes here for the first time and says WOW! Like Judi, the new addition to the St. Bernard Staff. (welcome Judi!) She stopped out to talk about working here, and commented on how pretty the view is. That wakes me up!
Today is her first day at the club. She should be in shortly, and then the air will be filled with the aroma of bacon. I think that alone brings in the customers. Bacon? Oh yeah, 18 and a cart please!!
Just a reminder: This year we are having what I hope will become an annual event at St. B.
The 23rd of May we are having a Member/Guest Scramble. Free green fees for guests, food, beer, water, prizes and maybe a few surprises. Sign up sheet is in the Club house. Think about someone you know that might enjoy the camaraderie and golf experience at St. Bernard Golf Club. This is a great way to promote your Golf Club, and don't forget you receive $25.00
St. Bernard dollars for every new member you bring in.

Ok, back to work! Don just walked in. Time to get the 5-5-5 started.
Have a great day! See you soon!


Judi said...

Thanks for the welcome!!
You are making me feel at home already.
And I will continue to remind you about the view!

Anonymous said...

Judi, Judi, Judi... if only Cary Grant were alive to hear that bad impersonation. The view is wonderful and so are all the people associated with the club. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Golfmama blogger? Last post was 10 days your mouse frozen??? Who is this Judi gal? I heard she makes great soup!!! Nice weather for holiday weekend - hope everybody enjoys the sunshine and keeps their balls on the short stuff.