Monday, March 7, 2011

18 Days and counting.....

until the Chili Open! Counting down in days verses weeks is encouraging, although this March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb (or is it the other way around?) has me a bit uneasy. Just when we get some rain to wash away the winter "whites", slam....we get another round. This is a source of frustration for Jeff for sure. Just when he gets the equipment up and running after a long winter hibernation and is ready to go out and pick up sticks, clear the greens and assess the winter damage, Mother nature gives us another blanket of snow. Ugggggggg! He was able to walk the course Friday and check out what the last freak winter thunder?/storm left behind for the course......
NOT GOOD! The creeks must have looked like the upper Gauley river in West Virgina. The banks are littered with golf balls, debris and things we can't identify, I think maybe even Jimmy Hoffa might have washed up!? Oy! St. Bernard white water rafting anyone?
But not even this has discouraged our Jeff. He was here over the weekend and first thing this morning ready to face the challenge head on!! Go get em' buddy, I'm right behind you!
Rest assured he will have the place ready for that early spring play.

I've spoken with some of the League chair persons over the last couple of weeks, getting ready to kick off the opening luncheons/dinners ect...... again a sure sign that spring is around the corner. Linda and the girls are anxious to get back to work and see everyone. The camaraderie of association with the membership makes this a pleasant work atmosphere for all of us. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to a great golf season.

Weather Chanel calls for fifties and cloudy tomorrow. Snow should be gone, and maybe we can get some sticks picked up and swing some sticks.
Just as Jeff and I are sitting here postings this........"who's that out on #10?"
It's Roger.........shag bag in hand, walking around hitting balls. (the power of suggestion..)Rock on Roger! Grab a few sticks while you're out there......(redundant?)
Swing looks like mid season form buddy.....Keep at it!

Ok, time to lock up and go home. Think spring everyone. Get those clubs out of the garage and in your trunks. It won't be long!


Anonymous said...

Call Noah. Kayak's instead of carts will probably be needed for the Chili Open. This winter has been quite disturbing. Are there any new water hazards on the course? Have any of the sets of tee's been washed out by all this rain? Yellow, red??

golfmama said...

Calling all cars...calling all cars
New water hazards outside and in! Oy! Golfmama, Jeff and Dad are being put to the test once again.
Seems as predictions of lot's o' snow brings on a no drive zone for the old chevy of ole.....
Anybody have a snow shovel for sale?
I think I just saw Jake gathering some geese two by two....Hey Now!

L J said...

May be dry but a little chilly for the chili open. Can't wait to play some Ohio golf - how about a side bet Deb?