Monday, June 4, 2012

Jake's Jamboree Jammed!!!

What a great day..... I swear Jake was smiling all day. Great weather shined upon us as 48 golfers came out in celebration of our little boys jubilee.  The competition was tough, and some great rounds were posted. All who participated were in contention to place. One of the all girl teams were just 1 putt short of placing. Good shooting Judy, Cindy and Gale, way to show that chick golfers still rock! Keep up the good work.
After golf we partook in some "kibbles and bits" type party food, some "pond water" cocktails and other assorted specials.  After all was digested, some continued on and played nine more. All in all a good day....
Big thanks to all who participated. Your continued support of these events is what makes St. Bernard G.C. -aka the "Dog" - a friendly and comfortable place to call home.
Next up.......The Firecracker Open. Wed July 4th.
This event is one of the longest running traditions at the Dog. Generations of teams have carried over for years  to battle it out with other long standing rivals, as well as a new generation of members building their own teams and traditions. A two person, pick your own team, Sramble with a minimum handicap of 24 between the two allows members of all levels of handicap to compete. Clever banter, kind hearted kidding, and gentle ribbing are all part of the atmosphere within the event.  Not a bad way to celebrate our nations independence before we head off for our family bar-b-ues and apple pie. God Bless America....
Kind of quite here today...
A larger than usual group of the "Prime Timers" were out earlier and enjoyed the solitude of the morning.
Afterward they recapped the round over a couple of pitchers, and deliberated the Memorial tournament this weekend and other current events.  Then I guess they were off for their "honey do" lists, or other pressing matters. Rock on guys...
Soon the Monday night teezers will be out for their turn on the links. Hit em' straight Girls!! and not often...
The "4:30 boys" will sneak out before the ladies and get their Monday nine in, then enjoy the evening on the veranda.
Sounds like all is well in Richfield.
Hope you all enjoy your week...the weather looks delightful.
Try to stop in for a round and have a libation or two.
Looking forward to seeing you.

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golfmama said...

Anyone out there?
No comment on the last post...?
Good or bad...let me know.
Of course I prefer good...
but I can take it. Oy!
Speak up....any advice is good advice.
Just don't stand me up.. That hurts the most!!!!!