Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It was nice while it lasted. Now I'm sitting here watching it rain, listening to PA ask every five minutes, Deb what's the radar say. I keep telling him it don't say S*&%!!!!!! Wally is working on Bob's computer and trying to teach him how to use the darn thing. Cal's here also, hanging out and mumbling something or another. I think I need a Michelob!!!! We have the International coming up Saturday. Hopefully the weather will turn around. If it doesn't I think I'll need a bunch of Michelob's!! Have a nice day!!!


joanne said...

Hi Debbie
That was a good league meeting we had last week. I'm so glad you were there to answer the rules questions that can up. Thanks again.
Boy, the course looks good. Can't wait for our league to start.

Big Al said...

Rain Rain go away.
It's still better than snow.
I just looked at the weather forcast and it looks great for this weekend. Sorry I can't make it Saturday, I was looking forward to playing, I love that format.
See you Sunday, Jan and I have a little yard work to do, then it will be off to the course.
Can't wait to have my first St Bernard hotdog of the year.

Laurie said...

Hi Deb,

The weekend looks good so hope you all have a great time on Saturday. I'll be back soon to see about winning a few Fike dollars from you!