Monday, November 23, 2015


Hi All,
It's hard to believe we're kicking off the Holiday season. It seems like I was just planning the Chili OPEN .  I have no idea where the year went. I'm here at the club pulling out the Christmas decorations as I do every year so Jeff- Dennis-Dad -Myself and the occasional friend who might stop in for a holiday cocktail and  enjoy.  Even though we enjoy this time of year we are reminded of what is ahead of us.  The long cold winter with no hope of par or birdies dancing in our heads!!!
But don't fret....soon we will be dreaming of eagles and that long awaited hole in one to come!
So we are here preparing for the next year in the hopes of seeing your smiling faces and well wishes.
So here is what I'm grateful for.....
My Husband Michael, my son Michael
My Dad Ron , My Mom Betty
My Jeff who with out I could not have survived!!!
Jeff....what can I are the heart and sole of this club......
Don't forget Jake,,,