Monday, August 15, 2016

Krazy Kramer Memorial

I guess I will never understand mother nature.  I can't believe we go from NO water to Way to much in a matter of a week!?  This has been a real struggle.  Poor Jeff doesn't know which way to turn, and for that matter, nor do I.  Oy!  
The weather dampened one of my favorite events this weekend, our Annual Ben Kramer Memorial Saturday and Sunday. 
I just love competing in this event.  Members of all skill levels can compete, as the scores showed.
Really there was only a 5 stroke difference through the field.  Not Bad.
But in the end it really came down to who was the better "mudder" , as we call them.
The rain held off on Saturday for us, but Sunday was another story. 
So 30 of us sucked it up and muddled through.    And guess what....none of us melted!! Go figure.
Afterward started the ubiquitous banter.  How many putts were rimmed out, "that should have dropped!".  etc...... You get it.
We chowed down on some specials, drank some libations and watched the skies clear just in time for us to head home!? Again....Oy!  What's a girl to do?
Plan for the next event...that's what!!
So that will be my other favorite.... Jeff's 9th annual NFL BASH.  
Saturday August 27th .  Jeff works very hard on this event, and it shows. 
Lots of prizes -food-drink-big break competition- and many more surprises.
It's a blast! 
Were counting on you all to participate. Our goal is 72 golfers.  Please don''t let us down.
Hope to see you soon.
Have a great week!