Friday, December 7, 2007


It can warm up any time now. Isn't this a little early in the year to be this cold? Maybe now we can have our Indian Summer? Ok, I'm still a little sleepy!! Just dreaming! But you never know! It's so cold here, the furnace that heats the kitchen and the ladies room is on the fritz! Always something! Hambone is supposed to be out today to look at it. What would I do without him?! Thanks Hambone! In the mean time, I think I will find something else to work on besides the kitchen (Darn!!!) I might even just go Christmas shopping.(I don't want too, but I really need too!) Better to get it done on a weekday, so I can spend the weekend watching the Browns beat the Jets!!! (it just might take all weekend) Did I say that? OOPS! Sorry! GO BROWNS!! GO TEAM USA!!
Remember Pearl Harbor!! Thank your Veterans!!!