Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Proud Parents....

Jeff and I are proud to announce the arrival of the newest St. Bernard family....."our sign!"
A work in progress for a couple of years has finally made it to the first phase. A few details need attended to, but we are pleased to have our members and friends welcomed to "The Dog" in such style.
All the credit goes to our Jeff! This was his brain child from the beginning, and he has toiled over every detail from start to finish. We needed to be very creative in the funding of this project, but between the two of us, and a little help from some friends, we were able to pull it off.  I have always been so proud of Jeff for all that he does here, and this just another example of his hard work and dedication.
Your the best my friend!!! I am blessed to have you in my life....

The week ahead looks to be a busy one. A few outings are on the schedule, and the weather looks great for the week.  Speaking of outings......time for me to get back to work.
Richfield Chamber of Commerce tomorrow...lots to do!

Hope to see you soon.
It's not hard to find us......just look for the "SIGN"!