Sunday, September 12, 2010

See you in September....

Oh, it is September.... My favorite Month. Football, great weather, leaves turning....and of course, great golf conditions. What more can girl ask for?!
Sort of a busy Sunday morning here. The 5-5-5 are here as usual, Ken and Gary started early as usual, and we have some guys trying the course. (hope they like it) What's not to like?
Josh is busy cleaning up the patio, Judi is busy cleaning up the Kitchen, Jake is out barking at cats.......not sure where Jeff is?.....and I'm sitting here Blogging. All is right in Richfield.

We had the 2nd Round of the Club Championship yesterday. A good day.
Dave Stanfield came out on top for the Men's Division, John Zupanc took Low net for Men
and Diane Schuster grabbed low net for the Women's division. And in the end, I triumphed over my friend Lori and won the Women's Low Gross. (sorry girlfriend, I just can't let you beat me!)
Although I must say we both had bad rounds yesterday....mine was just not as bad as hers.....Oy!
Oh well....a good time was had. Thanks to all who participated.

I'm looking forward to the Browns season opener today.....again...I LOVE this time of year.
A little golf, a little beer, and football. Tis the season.
How about those Buckeyes?! Great "D" and a good Offense equal a winning score. Should be a great season for OSU. Now if the Browns can do the same, it might make the winter around here a little more tolerable. (Yikes.......don't say winter Deb!) sorry.

ello......dank you for kalling us bank, my name is peggy, ow can I elp you ?
(I'm going to duck tape Judis mouth!!!!!) I"ll be repeating that all day now...
or singing some sort of stupid song..... yikes!
On that note......I'm off to fix the garbage disposal that she broke! Oy! What next?
Have a great Sunday.....see you soon.