Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Open.....

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual "The Open" hosted by Mike Mann and our Jeff.
For the past few weeks they have continually went over the details for the tournament, and it showed.
28 members headed out for the 27 hole competition with plenty of twists and turns. It was a hot one, but everyone managed to stay hydrated with the water pop and beer provided, along with plenty of pizza and hot dogs. And of course "Cookies by Deb". Prizes were awarded, libations flowed and tales of that last putt that wouldn't drop were rehashed.
It was a good day......Thanks Mike and Jeff for a great tournament.
You're both the Bomb!!

It's another hot one out there. Not too busy this morning. Just 13 of the 5-5-5, and of course Bill and Bob are out there for their regular Sunday morning match, followed by a couple of rum and cokes.
Sounds like a good Sunday morn to me.....
Therese is in the back cutting up peppers and onions for the sausage sandwiches provided for the small group we have scheduled at 1:00 today. Jeff is cleaning and lining up the carts, Jake is on the porch soaking up the shade, and I'm here behind the computer once again.
Just another day at "the Dog".....Life is good.
I have a little break before the next events/outings start. I'm hoping to use this time to try to get some rounds in. My game has been a bit rusty as of late...the broken toe didn't help things..Oy!
I need to get my game on for the up coming Annual Firecracker Open this July 4th.
This is one of my favorite events at the club. Two person pick your own team scramble.
Some teams have been competing with the same partner for years. This long standing tradition is being carried on with some of our newer members joining in the competition.
No shortage of ribbing and banter in this event....and the after party is a hoot!
This is how I celebrate this Nations Independence. 

Time for me to sign off and get to work.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Hope to see you soon.