Thursday, July 5, 2007


We got the Firecracker open in, even though it threatened to rain on us all morning. It was kind of gray all day!!! Just a few sprinkles. But we had fun!! I couldn't manage to pull out a win. Ben and I played well together, but when you bogey the last three holes, its hard to place. Yes, the last three holes. We had a great drive on #17 but our second shots stunk!!! And don't even asked about #18 and #16. I had shots right over the pins, but they were long. I am starting to not like #16. I think I know a couple of other members who agree with me!!! Oh well, such is life. On to bigger things. The weekend looks great. Next week is the Mayors outing. Then we have a few more outings after that. Enough to keep me busy. But I think I can find some way to find trouble, what do you think? Hope you can stop by soon. Swing some clubs, and lift some beers. Have a great day!