Friday, February 18, 2011


Still a little of the white stuff hanging around, but enough green spots to at least hit the ball around. The phone has been ringing off the hook with anxious golfers ready to awake from hibernation. I know I have been like a bear this winter.....sleepy and cranky! Oy!
Even though the forecast is for colder temps again, just this little break with some sun is just what the doctor ordered. A light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeff has hit the ground running this morning. I caught him trying to get the push blower started and after many attempts, he had to step back and think. (do you think he was swearing?)
Sorry my friend. But he's out there now cleaning up sticks and debris of some sort.
I'm sure Jake and him are both smiling. At least until tomorrow when he'll be sore from doing too much to soon. Pace yourself buddy......I NEED you!

Got a couple brave souls out there right now getting the cob webs out of their swing.
Hope they put on their hip waders. It is WET! No roll today boys.
But I bet the greens will hold!? Yikes.

Phones ringing again.......not quite there, but some playable holes ect...
Nice to hear some friendly voices though. It was getting kinda lonely around here.
BUT, it won't be's almost time for that little lucky charms dude to show his face.
Hopefully he will leave a bit of his pot o' gold around here. (or maybe a rainbow or two?)
Maybe it's like Santa.....leave a plate of Corned beef and a glass of green beer on the tee box???
Worth a shot.....if nothing else, Jake can eat the sandwich and I'll take care of the beer. Hey Now!
How many days, hours, minutes?
Hang in there.................See you soon!