Sunday, August 30, 2015

NFL Bash 2015

Hi all.  Hope things are going well for everyone.  Here at "the dog' we've been rockin'!
We hosted Jeff's 8th annual football bash yesterday and all went beautifully. The weather cooperated, participation was great and the course was in perfect condition.  HUGE kudos to Jeff and crew once again, you are the best!!!  Not only was the course in great condition, it was also adorned with many football themed touches that Jeff has made and collected over the years.  Each year he adds more. From the hand made football tee markers, to the Big Break contest and not to forget the giant goal post we pass through to the clubhouse.  Jeff takes pride in what he does, not only on the course, but in life. For that and many other reasons, I am proud to call him my FRIEND!!   Rock on buddy!
I was mostly in charge of the inside preparations.  I cooked and baked, decorated, and in general got last minute details taken care of.  So once we set out in search of field goals (Birdie) and TD's (eagle) we enjoyed each others company, made a few putts and waited for  Jeffs Daughter and Joshs Girlfriend to finds us with the beer cart. They did a great job!  Thanks girls.
When we were done it was time for awards and then time to tailgate. And we did!!
John Z worked his magic at the Big Grill once again, and we all sat down and enjoyed our steaks, worked on killing the keg (no problem there) and relived that last missed putt that could have won the match.  Oy!  nothing changes.....Thank goodness.
I will try to upload a video of photos from the event soon. (not as easy as it sounds), but rest assurd i'll get it done.

Hope your weekend is going well also.
Hope to see you soon.