Sunday, March 9, 2014

Almost time.....

How many days?   19?  Can that be right?  Wow....though I have been waiting with great anticipation for the season to open, I also feel like the time has slipped away. I'm way behind in my winter projects I intended to get done and I'm feeling a bit of pressure.  This feeling comes over me each year, but Jeff and Dad always assure me things will be fine.  So far they have been correct, but I still  fret....Oy!   I have been in contact with Linda, Therese, Bernie and Sarah to set up their schedules. Jeff needs to finalize his crew, and we are looking forward to Dennis, Bobby and Don coming back.
For many years Joe Tee and John Z have been my savors in helping make our outings at St. Bernard G.C.  known as one of the best courses to host an outing.  Thank you guys!  More thanks to Jerry S, Ralph M, Bill K, Jim C, for your help (you know why, geese and paths) , Thank you Bill S for keeping Jeff's fairways to his standards...Thank you Cindy S. and the Monday night teezers,  thank you Judy W. w/ Tee Timers, thank you Lin R. w/ causal tees, thank you Cindy K. w/ Friday night couples, thank you Bill  w/ Tues men's, thank you Ralph w/seniors open, thank you Mr. Longo for Thursdays, thank you Ron H w/ the 555......
So right now I sound like I'm at an awards ceremony and what's playing is that awful music that hints to "get off the stage" !!!!! 
But I can not sign off without giving thanks to all of the members/friends who have been part of and impacted my life....for this I am truly grateful!   Ti Amo.!!.  That's Italian for I love you!
Love you in all languages, and look forward to seeing you soon.