Sunday, May 26, 2013


They say this weekend is the official start of summer, but why does it seem that every Memorial day weekend we end up with frost???   As I sit here posting, I'm overlooking what looks like snow on #10 fairway! Oy! I swear this valley has its own weather pattern!  
But the forecast is for sun and high 60's. Not too bad. 
Should be a good weekend.

Last week we held our 2nd annual skills challenge at the club. It was a slightly different format from last years, and did require some skills.....which everyone seemed to confess we were lacking,
but everyone seemed to enjoy the day.
Next up is our Member/Guest day, June 2nd. Bring out a friend and enjoy the day.
Jeff's working double time to get the course in tip top shape.  But what else is new?  He just keeps going and going and going....and Jake just keeps following and following and following....
then he can't get up in the morning....poor guy. They both need a day at the Spa.

Looks like the chilly start to the day has kept some of the golfers from venturing out.
Not real busy this morning, only 12 of the fivers, and of course Bob and Bill are out.
Maybe after the picnics and etc...It will be time to hit the links.  We shall see.
That's about all I've got for now. Time for me to get some work done around here.
Enjoy your Holiday. Take time to thank a veteran.
Hope to see you soon.