Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Did you vote today? Don't let me down!! Very important!! I know the weather is bad, but we manage to get to other places in bad weather. (19th hole!) I went first thing this morning and got through quickly. Back to paper ballots at our booths. What's with that? I tried hard to color in that little circle and not go outside the lines. Kindergarten really paid off!! Most of the snow melted yesterday. Things are looking up! I think I jinxed Jeff. After yelling at him about the truck and the plow, the stupid thing broke down yesterday!! Sorry Jeff! Cant' go a whole week without something breaking! OY! Oh well, just fix one thing at a time, and keep on trucking!! I talked to Linda, she is ready to get back to work. Time to make the Chili!! The long range weather report looks promising. 50's soon! Come on sun!!! Don't forget, exercise your right, VOTE! Go team USA!