Sunday, July 20, 2008


What is it about Sunday mornings? They just seem to exude happiness. At least for me! I think because my Sundays are like Fridays are for normal people. The morning started out a little rainy, but it looks to be a good day. We have another outing today, Musketeers are having their annual outing this morning. They are a good group, they have a lot of fun. Jeff's out running this morning (again) trying to get everything ready. Eva and I are feeding the 5-5-5 and trying to get them started. If they would quit trying to solve the worlds problems and start swinging the club, things will get rolling. Some things never change!!! Thank goodness!! The rest of the week looks to be fairly quite. Not much scheduled, just the regular leagues. Thank you to all the leagues for your continued support. I think I need to get out this week and practice. I don't know what happened to my game, but it sure needs some work. Maybe I can pick up a few tips watching the British Open this morning. I doubt it, but you never know, I might pick something up subliminally!!! That's me, learn something new everyday, and don't even know it!!! Alright, we got the 5-5-5 started. Time for me to get my butt moving. Hope you all have a great week. Make room for golf!!!