Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tournament hits home run for the win!

We managed to get the M.L.B. Bash in yesterday despite mother natures best attempts to push us to our limits......rain, wind and cooler temperatures were the order of the week. This combination was a challenge for Jeff and the crew. After two weeks of back breaking work, the course was in great early season shape.......but not so fast guys......Wednesday nights wind storm put them back to square one, with additional damage. Oy! But as usual Jeff put on his game face and pressed on to get the course playable for Saturdays event. You Rock Jeffery!!!!
We had 40 golfers participate in the Schramble. It seemed like everyone had a good time.
Hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks and plenty of libations were consumed. I know I did my part as soon as I was done tallying the scores.........yikes! Always a challenge! But with help from Wally and Josh we got the job done. In the end Roger Howard's team won the ball game with 7 runs.
Diane Schuster in the money again! Way to go girlfriend! I'm proud of you.
Keep up that great putting. Thank you to all who participated. event, Member/Guest day. Sunday May 15th.
Start thinking about who you want to invite. Complimentary Green fees for your guest, along with other goodies, games and specials.

Today looks tricky...The weather channel predicts one thing and my radar shows another.
What to do? Bring in Dottie...don't bring in Dottie? Come on Sun!!!!
Mama needs pair of shoes?
Hang in there everyone. The sun has to come out some time. So they say anyway!
See you soon. Happy Sunday!