Sunday, June 24, 2007


Do you believe it?! Two club event's in a row with a hole in one. John Zupanc aced the # 1 hole in the Scramble Saturday. He didn't even see it, after he hit he thought, ok that's close and walked away. He drove down there and asked, where did my ball go? He didn't believe anyone until he looked in the hole. 50 years of golf and that was his first ace. Congratulations John!!! You gotta put your buck back in the hole-in-one insurance everyone! Another good day! Things are calming down here. I have the lady elks here this morning. They use the pavilion, so all we have to do is check them in and get them started. The next event is the Firecracker open, July 4th. I better get some practice in!!! To much work, not enough golf. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know, you always see me golfing. It seems that way Huh? June as been great weather wise. I hope it stays this way through July, August, September, October, November ect.... It's happened before!! Ok, It's official, I am changing my name to HEY DEB. It's not "excuse me deb" or "debbie may I", it's Hey deb!!! I don't mind, but some days , Ahhhh!!!! Ok, back to work, the Elks are a howlin ,or whatever they do. See you soon!!!