Saturday, September 8, 2012


After driving in at 5:30 am this morning, hoping that we had a chance to get the Club Championship in, I would still be here hosting golfers this afternoon?!  After cancelling the tournament, playing poker with a few friends, then locking up thinking the day is a wash, I go up to the corner to grab some lunch and a few libations, then the sun comes out and members are pulling in left and right.
"Hey Deb, your locked up?...we want to Golf".  Go figure...
Just goes to show after 15 years at this, I will never figure out the mind set of the golfer.  I've come to the conclusion that its not the weather that dictates when the golfer plays, but the circumstance behind the schedule of the average golfer.  ie.  Family, friends, work and other daily chores.
So here I am back at the club, watching college football, and thankful for it.
The sun is still out and  the winds have picked up, all of which should help dry out the course after the deluge that plummeted us yesterday and this morning. We even had HAIL yesterday afternoon.
This resulted in Jake scouring for cover, along with people pulling off the road looking for shelter for their vehicles....Oy!  "St. Bernard Rest Stop, how can we help you?" Now if I could just find a way to charge for these services,  ie:  directions, rest rooms, turn around.  Oh well Deb, remember "do onto others as you would have done onto you". That's what mom always says.  Betty has offered may pieces of advice in her lifetime, all of which I think have helped make me a better person in this world.  Thanks Mom, I love you!

It looks like this rain is a double edged sword for Jeff.  Poor guy can't win some days. Yes, we needed the rain, but too much means he can't mow on schedule. Not enough rain, and he's scrambling to keep the course alive. Hang in there my friend, you're doing great under unfavorable conditions.  You are without a doubt the BEST superintendent in the world!!! I thank God everyday for sending you to us.

I hate to say it, but it looks like the regular season is coming to a close.....Yikes!!
The leagues will be hosting their end of the year banquets in a couple of weeks, and
only a few more Club events left on the schedule. First up....the NASCAR Bash.  September 15th .
Following that, the Clambake, the Pig Roast, then the "Chili Closer".
Check your schedules, and try to pencil in a couple of these events.
But don't even think about putting those clubs away......
Nothing better than hitting the links at "the Dog" in the late fall.
Million dollar views on the course, and million dollar company at the 19th!
Thank you everyone for your continued support.
Have a great rest of the weekend!