Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another one gone......

Yet another month has come and gone. Why is it that the summer months go by so fast, while the winter months seem to double? Mother nature can be so cruel sometimes.
August is upon us, and with that comes Football, the Bridgestone classic at Firestone, our Ben Kramer memorial (all my favorites) but also a tired Tribe. Poor Indians just can't seem to hold on!? Come on guys...we need some glimmer of hope. This could be a trying Buckeye season.
And the Browns.....Oy!
I'm sitting on the porch posting this morning. There's a little nip in the air and the sun is just starting to come out. The mowers haven't started yet, so it's quite peaceful. I do enjoy this time.
Soon the golfers will start rolling in, with visions of pars and birdies in their heads. I do enjoy that time also. (go figure!)
The day looks promising. Plenty of sun is forecast and maybe a little cooler.
Hopefully my day will be busy.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone. Try and make some time to hit the links.
See ya soon!