Sunday, May 20, 2007


All is quite on the home front.(shhhhh!) Just sitting here enjoying the peace and quite for the moment. The 5-5-5 will be rolling in soon, and things will be hopping. Saturday was kind of slow!? I guess the weather was a threat, but it was pleasant. Those weather people on the weather channel are so negative. Don't listen, just turn them off and look out the window! I was productive yesterday and hauled about 2 yards of mulch here. Check out #12 flower bed, it looks fabulous!! I think I used too much of the mulch though, I put it down kind of thick. Sorry Jeff. I hope we have enough left to finish the other beds.(oops) I think the course looks great. What do you think? Jeff is doing a wonderful job as usual.

Now we need to get some golfers out here to enjoy it! I'm racking my brain on how to increase membership, and play. Even though we have had an increase in new membership, we also have lost a few older memberships. I guess this is normal. I'm open to suggestions.

Well, I think B.P. just walked in, the smell of bacon should be hovering soon. Just when he thinks he has enough made, he turns around and some how the pile gets smaller!? I can't figure it out!(yum!) Maybe I'll have some of the left over meatloaf from Friday night couples. (Linda makes a killer meatloaf!!!) Then I'm off to golf. Have a great Sunday! Hope you can squeeze in some golf.