Sunday, September 9, 2007


We got the first round of the club championship in yesterday. It tried to rain, but it held off for us. I hope we can be that lucky today! Some good scores are being posted despite Jeff's pin placements!! (I three putted often) Thanks Jeff! Remember pay backs are a B#@&%!!! Just kidding! He has the course in great shape!(as usual) I am holding on to first place for gross. I got Laurie by three. Keep it up girl friend! She is playing tough. So are the other ladies, Ginny, Amy and Diane are playing well and having a ball!! Diane is on a roll. NET 49!! Yes Net! She shot a gross 89! This is the first time she has broke 100, not to mention 90. You rock girl!! Keep it up!! The boys are playing tough also. Some pretty close scores. It should be a good match today. Not much else to report for now. Wish me luck! Hope you can get out here soon. GO BROWNS! (and New England!)