Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't put those clubs away yet....

we're still due an Indian Summer. Even though the last couple of days have been a reality check, I still believe we have plenty of nice days ahead. We still have a few club events left on the schedule, starting with the Clambake, then the Pig Roast and we still have one more Senior Open scheduled. Plenty of fun left......

Lot's of work left too..... the leagues are hosting their end of the year banquets over the the next couple of weeks. Meals are being planned, decorating needs to be done, and plenty of libations need to be consumed....oy! Sounds like a job for Golfmama!
The Monday night teezers had their banquet last night. I think they had a good time.
The committee choose a nice meal, and the prizes and decor were first class.
Way too go girls.....You Rock! Thank you Linda and Sarah for taking good care of our Ladies.

Next up are the Casual Tees (thursday), Tee Timers (tuesday) and the Friday Night Couples...
Thank you all for your continued support. You're all a huge factor in what makes this Club Rock!! (and I say "Rock On")

Jeff, Josh, Dad and I had a nice Pow wow today watching it rain....Oy! Plenty of projects on the agenda...Jeff and Josh have great ideas on some improvements that can be made, along with creative ideas on how to fix some problem areas that need attention. Together I think we can find the means and resources to get these projects done over the winter. Rest assured we will give it all we got......(hopefully without damaging ourselves) Yikes!
Jake will be here all year chasing the geese away (and maybe a squirrel or two up a tree) and I will keep his tummy full with steak and cheese.....nothing but the best for our guy!

On that note....I think I'm going home and figure out what to put in my tummy. Not much happening here. Looks like the rain will continue and the course is a little wet. Tomorrow is another day......Have a good evening!