Sunday, May 18, 2014


The sun is out!  Omg... what a week from hell!  I must admit I've been a bit on edge, but with due cause.  The storms that blew through Monday night have left our poor little course in disarray.
And the rain just kept coming!   I was changing the sign out front to "Welcome to St. Bernard Golf and YACHT club". Oy!  Poor Jeff and the crew.  It's going to be a rough road ahead for a while.
But rest assured they will do their best to get the course back to its usual splendor.  Meanwhile I'll be trying to deal with the red tape that goes along with this type of thing. Yikes!

Not much action this morning here?! I'm sure part of it is many people have had water issues of their own.  I've heard many stories of flooded basements and other damages to homes.
And the other shared issues are "how am I going to get my lawn mowed?". 
I guess were all in the same boat.
But,  8 of the 5-5-5 have headed out with Bob, Bill and Tony following.
Hopefully we'll  get some more golfers out this afternoon.

The weather also prevented us from hosting our annual skills challenge this weekend. Not sure when we will try again. But I'll keep you posted.  The member guest day is next on the schedule, but I'm thinking about rescheduling that also since we have much work ahead of us.
I want the course in its best condition so you can be proud to bring your guest to showcase YOUR course.  And you never know, maybe Johnny Football will make a guest appearance!
I'll keep you posted.

That's all I've got this morning. My brain is on overload and my stomach is empty.
Time to do something about both. 
Have a nice Sunday all.
Hope to see you soon.