Sunday, February 7, 2016

A New Year....

I received a reminder that Golfmama has been VERY late in posting on our blog!!
I do apoligize and really have no excuse, except that life just happens.
We have been here tending to the winter duties per usual, and have had the added bonus of a very mild winter that has brought out our dedicted golfers who have not stored the sticks for hibernation.
Many have been out to just say "I golfed in Nov Dec Jan and Feb so far". Myself included, are hoping the trend keeps rolling.  As I sit and post, the phoenix open is In my background noise. I am watching and hearing of up and coming new golfers, and still hearing lefty still making amazing shots, and on the leader board.  In a uncertain world of many things,  golf being one, I take comfort that someone of my age can still excel at this sport and many younger and many older can also.
This sport has helped me have faith in myself, and I take pride and joy in seeing members here enjoy the game and this golf club.          It's super bowl Sunday and we have a few out enjoying the sun in search of a birdie or two before heading for their game day destination for super foods and super libations.  Hope your squares come in and your team is victorious.    How many days till chili open?