Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend......

Seems like it should be Easter weekend with this wacky weather. I do believe we have had every weather element imaginable the last couple of months. Rain, Down pours, wind, hail, fog and even a couple of tornado threats thrown in for good measure. Oy! Jeff and the crew have had their hands full that's for sure. Remember that game as a kid "pick up sticks"? well that sums up the last couple of weeks here for the crew.
Just when they get caught up....Bam! Hang in their guys, things will break soon.
Oops....bad choice of words! Sorry.
Red Rover, Red Rover, let Jeffery come over......

The Monday night teezers had a brush with the weather this last did the Wed night leagues. It was quite scary out there for them, as it was for the girls in here. Poor Sarah and Judi both are in their second and third year here, and neither have had to deal with this type of excitement all at once. But with the help of Jeff and the cooperation of the members in the leagues, they fumbled their way through and got the job done. You Rock Girls!!!
And by the way make a cute cocktail waitress!! Maybe next time show some cleavage and you might make some tips. Yikes!
The weather forecast looks much better for the week ahead. Hopefully things will dry out soon and we can turn that frown face to a smile face on the cart rules sign. I sound like a broken record......Cart path only please. Thank you. Chin up Deb!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Enjoy your friends/family, picnics, party's, weddings? or whatever is on your schedule. Hopefully you will still have some time for the links.
Take time to remember and thank all those men and women in our armed forces who protect us daily and those who sacrificed for what we have today.

Happy Memorial Day!