Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here we go......

Sunday morning at "the Dog". I rolled in at 7:00 am this morning and found golfers waiting for me!?
It was a pleasant surprise I must say, as I haven't seen such a busy morning in some time.
The consensus was everyone is excited about Browns opening day. Everyone wanted to get their rounds in then relax and watch the game. I love this time of year.  Even if the Browns have a losing season,  Jeff and I enjoy this time with the hope that they can put a few W's on the board.
It gets difficult sometimes to keep the faith as the banter has a started once again among the guys this morning...Oy!  The stuff is really flying around here. I'll just try to keep busy and wait until 1:00.
I will remain optimistic and enjoy the anticipation. How about you?

It really looks like it wants to rain out there!?  I thought they said sunny and 80? Who knows!!
Anyway, 18 days and counting until the ELK Festival!!  "what? you ask"
This is something Jeff looks forward to every year.  It's almost like Christmas to him.
A well deserved break for him, so together we are counting down the days. 
Enjoy've earned it.  
But first we need to prepare for the next club event.
The NASCAR bash this Saturday the 14th.   After that we have a couple of outings left this year, and numerous league awards luncheons and banquets. Yikes!
I just don't know where the year went!?
Oh well, don't fret Deb....plenty of golf weather left.  Relax and enjoy....right?

The 555 are out, Therese is cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Jake is looking for his "nummies" and Jeff is modeling a really ugly pair of golf shoes from the lost and found table. Oy!
What a crew.......and they are all mine....for this I am truly grateful.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday Morning.
Time for me to get back to work.
See you soon.