Thursday, April 3, 2008


The soothing sound of the greens mower hums in the background, members are rolling in handing out hugs and kisses, and heading out to hit the links. It doesn't get any better than this!! What a charmed life I have! Sometimes I forget, but then I have days like this and I know all is right. And I think this is the start of something good!! It took a while to warm up today, but it hit 50 here. Jeff and his crew were out all week picking up sticks, cleaning the course up getting ready for what looks like a great weekend! I gotta get out a swing a club, I feel like my back is going to break the first time I swing. It's been that long. I know I'm not alone in that feeling. But Linda is coming in tomorrow to get things ready around here, so if the rain stays away for awhile I might sneak out and hit a few. (if I can find my clubs!) The Chili open looks to be not so chili. But that's OK, we will keep the beer chilly, and the chili hot! Kinda like me! HA!!! Go team Michelob!!! OK, I know I'm getting silly, the 12 hour days are catching up with me already. I need to get back in the groove here. It won't take long, things will back to normal soon. All we need is too see your smiling faces, and all will be right at St. Bernard!! Jeff and I agree that this is our year!! All will go smooth here, the Tribe will win the world series, and the Browns will win the Superbowl. Make that bet for me Roger!!! Time to sign off. See ya soon!!!