Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm Back....... Who was in charge of getting rid of the snow while I was gone?!
Let's blame it on Jeff. (sorry Jeff)
Anyway, I had a wonderful trip... Lot's of laughs and a few moments of panic. Only I can plan a trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world and have a Tsunami hit... OY!
I was staying with my friends Jody and Dave who live in Ewa Beach, Oahu. Their house is on the ocean. I was awoke by Jody at 4:30 am Saturday and told we needed to pack and evacuate because a Tsunami is coming... WHAT! Get outta here and let me sleep you B!#$@!
Next thing I know, we are packing up the important stuff, gathering the three dogs, their stuff, the emergency kits, flash lights ,water ect... then Dave said "Fike, get some toilet paper" Oy, this is for real.... So we all got in the cars and headed up the mountain's. After eight hours of not knowing what was going happen, we got the all clear and headed back down the mountain and unpacked. Thank goodness it turned out not to be as bad as they predicted, for us and all the other Islands of Hawaii. What a experience!!! This snow looks pretty good to me right now, but this feeling will pass.

So now I'm here trying to get caught up on all the paper work left for me. I think I found the top of my desk. That's a start.
The weather forecast looks favorable for the next week. The snow might just melt enough for us to get a couple of rounds in..... Maybe St. Patricks day golf? What do you think? Sounds good to me!!! The Chili Open is right around the corner.... March 27th
Get your clubs out of storage, clean them up a bit, and start practicing that putting stroke....
Drive for show....putt for dough.....
Keep in touch.