Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chilly Pig Roast...

Sounds like a combination of the "chili open and Pig Roast, but yesterday was just the Annual Pig Roast here at St. Bernard G.C.. The weather was a bit cool and damp for the Noon Scramble held prior to the cooking of the pig.  While my Uncle Harry and Tommy attended to porky, the rest of us headed out on the links.  It started out fine, but by the 12th hole the rain drops started.  Oy!
Didn't last long though, then the sun came out!? , but it was still raining? then the wind picked up....just in time to drop another round of leaves that Jeff and the crew just got done clearing...again Oy! Very strange weather pattern. But, we trudged trough and finished the round.
After warming up with hot Toddy's and other assorted libations we par took in the pork and other fixings and dessert.  I don't think anyone went away hungry. We wrapped up the evening with the Reverse Raffle and called it a night. All in all a good day.
So I'm back here this morning chatting with you and getting ready to watch the Browns game.
I know, I know....."good luck with that Deb"!  But I need something to grasp onto.
The weather report looks favorable for the next week. Could be that Indian summer I spoke of earlier!?  One never knows. Hope you can play hooky from work and squeeze in a round.
Have a great Sunday afternoon everyone.  Chat with you some more soon.