Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat.....

How was every one's Halloween? Did you have many goblins and ghouls begging for treats?
I thought about giving out golf balls here, but decided I would rather not clean up eggs and toilet paper for the next couple of days......oy! No actually, I managed to sneak out of here Saturday afternoon and attend/help a good friendwith a Halloween party. My life long friend Angie hosted her annual Costume party at her tavern called Mad Mikes in Garfield Heights. My other life long friend Andrea and I went Saturday early and helped set up, party, then stayed the night.
What a blast!!!! I really needed a girls night out....and I got it. As I'm sure you figured out by now, the above photo is of the three of us. Andrea (the Christmas story leg lamp) was my travel companion when I went to Hawaii this year, and Angie (sexy Vampire lady) grew up next door to me, and of course me(golfer, go figure). I know, I know....that's the best I could come up with.
Thank you Therese and Judi for making it happen for are both the bomb!

Well it's that time of year now......time to poke holes in the greens. Yep, Jeff and Josh started the aerification. We got a late start because of me... I pushed them back because of some outings we had booked, and of course the weather did not cooperate. Sorry guys! Jeff was positive that everything would be fine....but then (again) of course something had to break......the aerator is not working correctly! Those poor guys....but Jeff just came in now and said they got it working.
Hang in there guys, your doing great!

We have a couple more days of promising weather coming up. Hope you can get out and take advantage of them. I have a few guys out now getting in their last Monday night round before the time change next week. Yep, next Monday it will be dark by 5:00pm. Too scary!!!
But let's think positive......el nino, la nina, la's to a mild winter!!!

Not much else to report right now, so I am off in search of a Michelob. Talk with you soon.