Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just sitting here enjoying the peace and quite of the morning. The realization of the end of the year coming has made me look back and reflect on the year. As I look back on my previous posts on this blog, I remember the good and bad things that have happened through out the year. Mostly good!! We have had our ups and downs that's for sure. But that's life!! I think despite all the challenges, malfunctions and mishaps, St. Bernard Golf Club has come out looking pretty good. The combination of Jeff, his crew,(Josh, Don, Bobby, Bill, Rich, Matt and Auggie) also Linda, BP, Alex, Donna, Darlene and of course all of the members, makes for a winning team. Don't forget my Dad Ron! With out his mechanical expertise we would not have the equipment to run this place. Thanks Dad! I love you! Alright, the year is not over yet!! The weather looks great for the next couple of weeks. We have a couple of events left. Starting with the Clambake/reverse raffle, then the Pig Roast/reverse raffle. Both have tournments before, then dinner after. Looking forward to seeing you at these events. Have a great day! Don't put those clubs away!!!!!!