Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Showers...

I know they bring May flowers...but enough please! If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to see it...does it really fall?  As of now, the flowers are here..but only Jeff with his crew and I are able to appreciate the daffodils and tulips.  Oh well,  soon that will change. Though the weather forecast this week is not conducive for golfers, most of the leagues are gearing up to start the 2015 season.
The Monday Night Teezers have started their practice round this month, the Tuesday Tee Timers hosted their kick off luncheon this afternoon, and the Tuesday Mens league starts tonight.
Soon the Casual Tees, Kiwanis and Friday Night Couples will be ready to tee it up and get the season rolling.  Of course the Prime Timers along with the 5-5-5 and the Thursday mid afternoon guys have been out if for only just a few holes to knock off the cob webs that the long cold winter has amassed.
Many of you have commented on what a GREAT job Jeff and his crew have done so far to get your course ready for the season.  Though I have not been out to appreciate it, I'm sure this is true because we are truly blessed with the best crew any course could have.
Jeff, Dennis, Bobby, Don, Tom, Rich..You Rock!! Linda, Therese, Sarah..you are my life line.
From deep in my heart...Thank you for all you do!

So we have hosted a couple of club events so far, now its time to move on to the next.....
Starting with the next senior open. Wednesday the 29th.  Followed by Jake's 5th annul Jamboree. Saturday May 2nd.
Unfortunately Jake's Jamboree has also turned into a memorial. For those of you who did not hear...
our buddy has passed, and is now in the big golf course in heaven where geese and cats are forbidden, squirrels are prevalent to chase up trees, and butterfly's tickle his nose.
Party on my baker boy...you will forever be in my heart!

So the Tuesday guys are rolling in..or should I say being blown in with this wind...OY!
Time for me to get to work.
Hope to see you all soon.
Ti Amo.....