Monday, October 25, 2010

Hanging on.....

Mother nature has granted us a few more golfer friendly days. What a woman!!!
Now if she can just hold back the "s" word until February of so, we'll be in good shape.
A girl can dream you know.....
The Pig Roast went well....Golf, lots of food and libations consumed and raffles were won. All in all a good day. Thank you to all who participated. Thank you again to Karen Bratz for helping me with the raffle (she's the bomb), and a big Thanks to my Uncle Harry and Tommy for roasting the hog. They should have their own show on the food network....cook a a Could be a big hit huh?! I've seen worse!! it's time to sit down and start thinking about next year. Oy! No rest for the wicked..(and I guess I fall into that category) well......maybe some times.
Jeff, Josh and I were talking the other day, throwing around some ideas, and we thought......
We have the Chili OPEN, why not have a Chili CLOSER? Maybe a scramble sometime after the pig roast? Maybe a Spaghetti cook off...(an idea of Bob Ross' for years) or maybe golf and have a pot luck after......what do we think? Could be the start of a new tradition here at St. B.
Like the Firecracker, Kramer, and of course Jeff's Annual NFL bash....just to name a few.
Let me know your thoughts.

Not much happening here right now. I have a few guys out seeking out some pars and birdies before the sun sets...and the wind starts to blow down more leaves. Yikes......yep.... it's that time of year when Jeff and the crew start their annual chasing of the leaves game. Just when they get a handle on it....bamm....the wind changes. Everything they just moved to the west, gets blown back to the east. Maybe we should try North to South?! Oy! Hang in there guys, your doing great!

As for myself, I have my duties to attend to, one of which being the annual cleaning out of the refrigerator and freezers here. Can I say Yikes?!!!! What to do with what is left!? Plenty of things can be froze for use on the occasional winter day that allows us to squeeze in a round and I can whip up some grub. But others can not. So Jeff and Josh suggested I make a big pot of Chili. Chili it is.........I managed to pull a make shift chili out of what we had here, and used them as my taste testers. They said it was great! Then I decided to make them a Strata, and use up some of the eggs cheese milk and bacon left.....again they loved it. (I see a pattern here) They work so hard I think anything tastes good to them. Oh well... as long as their happy, I'm happy. I made them a deal...... they eat up all the left over food, and I will work on getting rid of the left over beer! LOL!

Ok, tomorrow is another day. Time for me to start the clean up here, lock up and head home.
What to do for dinner?.....maybe Strata?
Have a great evening, See you soon.