Saturday, January 17, 2009


Turn up the heat! This is crazy. You can't get anything done in weather like this. Just try to keep warm. I left my laptop in my car for a few hours, and when I turned it on I thought it was going to blow up! It made sounds I never heard before, Oy! (hello geek squad, Ive frozen my laptop!?)
Anyway, hope you all are finding a way to stay warm. How many days until spring training?

Not much happening at the club. Just the usual, fix what breaks, clean up a little, fix what breaks next, clean up, ect...... I love when I meet new people and they find out what I do for a living and say "that must be so exciting!" I think to myself, "the grass is always greener" theory, I don't say it, but I think it. I guess this is true of most professions. So, I'll keep plugging away, and with the help of my Dad, Jeff and Josh I think we will get everything fixed and ready to start playing Golf soon. (I said SOON!!!)(hear that mother nature?!) Sorry, I'm getting a little cranky this winter.

A couple of members have stopped in to say hello, check in, and enjoy a post holiday cocktail. I really enjoy that. Thanks guys! I promise next time we will have the parking lot plowed, we had a little transmission problem with the pickup truck this week. Of course when we get 12 inches of snow!!! When else should it break down? in the summer? NAH!! Oh well!

Ok, I need some more coffee. I will continue to post until spring arrives (and after). How may days until spring? Let me know! Stay warm! Think warm thoughts!!