Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a great tournament!! The Ted Kruse memorial was a great success! The weather cooperated for most of the day. We got the golf in without the rain, but later at dinner time the skies opened up and things got tough. Poor Zupanc had to flip steaks between lighting bolts. OY!
I think everyone had a good time. I know I did. Even managed to win a little money. Thanks to my team. Thank you Ken, Pa and Don. Love you guys!!! Thanks to Linda, Alex, Shannon and Sarah. With out them here to make sure everything went smoothly, I would not have been able to golf in the tournament. You rock girls!!! Today we have the Friday night couples. (but it's Sunday?!) Just trying to confuse me. Twice a year they have a Sunday special. They have a good time. Bloody marys, golf and lunch after. Don't get any better than that. Thank you couples! I have had numerous comments on how great the course is. And I agree!! Way to go Jeff, Josh, Auggie, Matt, Don, Bobby, Dave, Grant and Rich. Keep up the good work.
We have another new addition to our Club house staff. Sarah(Linda's daughter in law) has come to work with us. You can tell she is related to Linda, she is smart as a whip. Don't have to tell her anything twice. Welcome Sarah. Hope you stay with us a long time! Alright, the 5-5-5 is starting to roll in. Time to get back to work. Hope you have a great Sunday and a good week!! See you soon!