Friday, December 26, 2008


Hope you all had a great Christmas!! Did you get your stocking stuffed? Or did you get a lump of coal?
Things were good here. A few of the members stopped in to say hello and par-take in a x-mas cocktail. We reminisced about the good old times and the good times too come! Thank you guys, Love you!!
Hope you are all as lucky to have Friends and family like we have here. For this I am truly grateful!

But, hold on Deb! Not that easy! I came in Friday to find the furnace was not working correctly, the blower was blowing out cold air, and the temp in the club house was 45 degrees! OY! So, I call Jeff, "JEFF, what do you know about the NEW A/C-HEAT UNIT?
He was on his way in and suggested I shut of the main breaker on the unit on the roof.
OK, so I go out on the roof....... SOLID SHEET OF ICE!! .... This is not the way I want to get our name in the Newspaper. (Golfmama falls off roof!) Not good!!!
Anyway, among other malfunctions of the day, Jeff, Dad, Hambone and myself got everything fixed. I swear those three guys can fix anything! Maybe they should go give Obama a helping hand. Thank you guys!!!

Today looks promising. I do believe we might get some golfers out. Looks like I better get my self ready, and get into work. Hope to see you all soon.

How many days until spring training?????

.May every wish you've every spoken.....come true....... this is my prayer for you!

Happy New year everyone!!!