Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning

What's with the wet, wild weekend weather? Poor Jake needs a life vest out there to chase the geese! He must be doggie paddling? Ha!! ...... Oy!
We had a small group out yesterday for Golf, then Burgers and Dogs at the pavilion. They got most of their golf in, but then the rains came in...It must have been hard to keep the B-B-Q lit...
but they had plenty of beer and they seemed to have a good time. Thanks Ray!

I wasn't sure if anyone would show this morning givin the threatening weather? I had to play dodge em on my way in.... Trees down, branch's sprew all around, garbage cans in the middle of the street.. it looked like a war zone! But...I made it through.
Nine of the 5-5-5 showed, along with Paul, Ken and Gary. Aside from that, Judi and I are in here eagerly waiting your presence. Come on Golfers!!! It's going to be a beautiful day!!
June in don't get any better than this!? OY!
I need some customers in here so Judi can't run the vacuum (she can't seem to get the dirt up without somehow sucking up somebody's shoes) again OY!
Jeff and Josh are sitting here now trying to decide "whats for breakfast?"
This is Jeff's favorite time of day....and I think Josh's also. Eat up boys...Lots of debris out there that needs picked up. Every time they get the course just about perfect...BAM! The winds Kick in and deposit more debris! Yikes!! Hang in there guys, and keep up the good work!

It looks like the Prime Timers and the Monday night teezers are going to have a great day tomorrow. Seventies and Sunny. Enjoy your day Guys and Gals, you deserve it!
Hope the rest of you can get out and enjoy the week....looks like a good one.

Gotta run now.. Mike Mann is on the way to TRY to fix the beer cooler for me... (if one more thing breaks ....?&*%#)
Have a great rest of the weekend... Look forward to seeing you soon!