Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's a little frosty out there this morning... COME ON SUN! It's out, and hopefully it will work it's magic and we will tee off on time. The first event of the season is due to start at 10:00am.
Lot's of sign ups and I think a few others will be showing their smiling faces. All in search of Birdies and hot and spicy Chili.....
Therese is in the kitchen frying up the bacon and eggs..... Yummy....
Jeff, Josh and Jake just came up, clubs in tow...Team meeting... Hugs all around... Here's to a great season guys.....GO TEAM!!!
Time for work... I will add to this post later, along with photos.

I'm back... well I guess I picked the right weekend day for the Chili Open.
It's ugly out there this morning.... (kinda like me this morning) Oy!! Yesterday was a good day..... we had 47 golfer's for the scramble, and 7 chili entries. Not bad for a cold March day.
In the end it was Chili #6 that took first place. It was entered by Jerry Schuster, but I suspect it was Diane who made it?! Ooops, sorry Jerry!! 2nd place went to Herman for Chili #2, thanks Jim. And thank you all for the other entries, I think they were all good. (Back on the treadmill!)

The week ahead looks great weather wise. I can't wait to get out and golf without 3 layers of clothes on.... Time to start breaking out the spring/summer golf apparel.......Shorts!! OY!
(back on the treadmill!)
Anyway, on to the next event.... MLB Bash Sat. APRIL 24th. Jeff, Josh, Wally and I are thinking and planning and hopefully will come up with some surprises.
You never know what will come out of my brain....(what quarter is it?) No, that's Mama's line!

I'm off to relax a little now. Tomorrow is another day, and I have a meeting for the Monday Night Teezeers at the club Monday night... Time for the Ladies to rock! See you soon......

On a personal note: To my dear friend Hambone, for all that you have done for me and my family, and the St. Bernard G.C. family, I would like say Thank you. You have been a true inspiration, good friend and gentleman. You will always be part of our family, and we look forward to seeing your smiling "mean as ever" face at the club. I have plenty of projects that you can handle.... you and I can fix anything... Love you.... Deb