Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So your a little bit older....

"and a lot less bolder than you used be".... Bob Segar, rock and roll never forgets.
Yep, I had another one of those birthday's yesterday. Like Bill K. said yesterday "if you keep having those birthdays Deb, you'll catch up to me". Oy!
I had some friends stop by for a round of golf and a round or two of libations in celebration. It was a nice day. Thanks guys! And thanks for your support. seems as though the the summer is going to end the way it started....WET!
I must say this is the strangest weather year I have seen in my 13 years here.
I know I'm not alone in this thought process. Numerous members have stated this is the least they have played in years. Oh well, deal with it Deb. Can't stop mother nature.
We got the NASCAR Bash in over the weekend. It was a good race....but in the end team Stanfield crossed the finish line with 100 mph, Jeff was right behind with 90 mph, and Jim S.had a close 80 mph. Thanks to all who participated. It was fun.
I would like to once again praise Jeff and his crew for their extraordinary efforts keeping the course in the best shape they can given the situation. Jeff....your the Bomb! Take a break.....enjoy a few days off. You've earned it!!!
I have 4 of the "prime timers"out this morning. It looks like they might just get their round in.
Let's hope for the best.
It's that time of year for Awards luncheons, end of season banquets and parties. This shall keep me, Linda, Therese, Judi, Sarah and Tammy busy for the next few weeks.
Thanks girls, you make me proud.
Next club event: Scramble-Clambake-Reverse Raffle. October 1st.
Hope you can participate.
Time for me to get back to work. Looks like I might need to perfect my "no rain" dance ritual. Not a pretty sight.......think Elaine on Seinfeld?! Oy!
Have a great day.