Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I could not have asked for a better dog than him. He is a keeper!! Although he has a few strange habits. For instance, he likes to chase the lawn mowers and bite at the tires! Whats with that?!
As Donna the Dog Whisper said, KNOCK IT OFF BUDDY!! And as you can see in the picture, he has found a few strange hiding places so we can't find him when its time for bed. Forget wheres Waldo? Wheres Jake? Tooooo cute!! Love you Jake, keep up the good work.

Sunday was a success. The National Car Mart/B-day bash had a great turn out. 80 golfers total.
The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all. Good golf, good food, good friends. What else is there? (how about one of these outings a week?)

Busy week ahead for us here. Tomorrow is the Richfield Chamber of Commerce outing, Thursday is Rally for the cure, Saturday is the Ted Kruse Memorial. I'm getting tired just thinking of it. Linda has so many notes laying around it looks like a post-it factory exploded.
Hang in there Linda. We will get through it. We always do!!

It's time to start thinking about getting your Firecracker team together. July 4th. Two person scramble, minimum 24 handi-cap between the two. Always a good time. Sign up sheet is in the Clubhouse.

Ok, time to get back to work. Lots to do. Have a great week. See you soon