Sunday, January 27, 2008


Come on Sun!!!!! My new lap top is on order. The kitchen is getting cleaner everyday. The grill is done. The first person who orders' a greasy burger is going to get the evil eye from me! (SKIPPY!!) Well I shed my Playtex yellow rubber gloves long enough to go out to dinner with my girl friends Thursday night. 5 girls cackling in my Cadillac! OY!! We went to a place called Brasa, It's a Brazilian steak house. WAY to0 much for me. I mean way too much food me, and way too much downtown attitude for me! It was good though. Anyway my 5 foot 10 brunette girlfriend Angie and my 5 foot 8 blond bombshell girlfriend Shelley came back from the ladies room to tell us that 5 players from the Cavaliers were at table behind us. They said, Fike, where's your camera. The next thing you know I'm taking and having my picture taken with the Cavaliers. (I felt like a teenager chasing David Cassidy) Oops I'm showing my age. Anyway they were very nice about everything. We had a great time!!! Well, back to the Kitchen Cinderella, your carriage has turned back into a pumpkin. Keep warm. COME ON SUNSHINE!!!! P.S. Keeping the 19th hole open!!!