Monday, December 15, 2008


Shopping days that is, until Christmas. Are you done with your list? I am! Finally. Wasn't easy, but it's done. It seems like every year it gets more difficult to find that perfect gift.
Here's and Idea Deb, St. Bernard Gift certificates!! DUH!!! What was I thinking?!
Excuse the obvious sales pitch, but it is a good Idea. Why not give the gift of golf. We have many options you can choose from. Certificates for golf, pro shop food and beverage of any denomination. Just a thought, hope it helps. (just call me Mama Santa!)

Anyway, what about this weather? 50 degrees one day, and 30 the next! Make up our minds!
Some of the guys planned on playing Sunday, but the rain just would not hold off. Oh well. We gave it a shot. At least the snow is gone. Maybe we will luck out and get a couple of warm days so we can get out and knock the cob webs off our swings. A girl can hope you know!

Not much else happening here. Dad, Jeff, Josh and I are here getting ready for the spring. (how may days?) Way too many Deb. It's not even officially winter yet. Oy! I guess we should just relax and enjoy the holiday season. Lots of friends and family to enjoy, lots of cookies and candies to eat! Sounds like a plan.
Hope you all are doing the same. Enjoy!! Think Spring!