Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lonely Sunday....

Sure is quiet out here at the moment. I'm sitting on the veranda waiting for the last three golfers to come in, wondering if they will beat the rain. Rather a slow day today...? not sure if the weather was a factor or maybe there still is a glimmer of hope for the Browns. I tuned in as usual, and again was disappointed. Although they didn't get beat as bad as predicted. Oy! what a thing to grasp onto!
But..that's all I got.
Yesterday was good. We held our annual NASCAR Bash, so we headed out on a crisp morning looking to gain some speed and score some points. After a few pit stops and caution flags, we threw the checkered flag and crowned the winners. Afterward we enjoyed some corn dogs, chili cheese fries and nachos. Of course a few libations were consumed, and we settled in to revisit the missed putts, stray second shots and in general "shoulda woulda coulda" banter. In addition to solving all the world problems... again..Oy! Just another typical Sunday at "the Dog". All is right in Richfield.
The Tribe has been in rain delay, so here I sit posting thinking about the week ahead.
Lots to do. Banquets, outings...etc. I sure would like to sit down and enjoy a good book right now.
But my brain is turning to fast to enjoy. Yikes!
Jeff is away enjoying some well deserved time with his family, and Jake is moping around like a lost soul.  I know Jake loves me, but Jeff is still #1.  He's #1 one in my book also. I think I'll go in and look for a snack the Jaker, and maybe a snack for myself.  Getting a bit nippy out here, could be some frost on the pumpkins soon.
Ay,caramba , say it ain't so......
Have a great evening.