Monday, April 2, 2007


Hi everyone. Well we got the Chili open in on Sunday. I did my no rain dance, and held the rain back. The temp was a little warm for a Chili open, but I don't think anyone minded. The sun came out in the afternoon, which prompted PA John to start a bud open. 16 played.
We had 32 for the Chili Scramble. We had 6 entries for the chili contest.
Thank's to everyone who made chili. Jeff Krikwood was trying to defend his title this year, but missed by one vote. Sorry Jeff. PA John got first place chili(even though Marlene cooked it)chili #4, and Second place chili went to Don Foutz chili #3. I hope everyone had a good time!
Today and Tuesday look great for golf, but by Wed it looks like everything hit's the fan!! Oh well, April in Cleveland! Have a great day everyone!!