Monday, April 7, 2008


Too much Chili!! The Chili open was not so chili. It was a perfect day. We had 14 three person teams. A Three person scramble is a whole new game compared to four person teams. So it was no wonder why the scores were so low. Except for the Matt team that blew everyone away! -5 for nine holes is a great score. Way to go guys!!! It was nice to see some new faces join in, as well as some old favorites. (not so old!) Sorry! We had eight chili entries! Lots of chili to taste and vote on. In the end, Hermans chili was voted the best (chili #1), Ginny Petries (#4) came in a close second. Thank you to everyone who entered. A lot of people went back out and played another 18 holes. It was way too nice out not too. Jeff and his crew had the course in great shape for it being rather early in the year. Way to go Jeff! Linda, Shannon and Alex had everything running smoothly inside. (as usual!) Thanks girls. You make my life so much easier. (not a easy task) The next few days look great. But I just heard by the weekend we are going to be back in the 40's YUCK! Maybe they will be wrong AGAIN! Oh well, what can a girl do? Roll with it! I need to get out and get the flower beds cleaned up. It's a big job, but quite relaxing also. And the reward is worth the effort. First things first. Time for me to get some paper work done here, then start getting ready for the next Club Event. "Schramble" Pizza/Beer party. Hope you get out this week and get a round in. Remember, it's Masters week. A sure sign the golf season has started. See you soon!!! Go Tribe!