Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Open Weekend....

It's always fun when the weekend golf tournament is televised in the morning.
We start early around here, and the coverage of tournaments is always a good way to start the early morning banter here at the club.   Yesterday was a bit slow in the am....hard to believe, but we really needed that rain.  It would have been nice if it stopped a little earlier...but,  oh well.
So we got a card game going, watched the 3rd round, and waited for it to stop.  Then out on the links.
Today looks a bit more promising, although we had a foggy start. 
This year has started out with some strange weather patterns. 
Too rainy, too hot, too this, too that. Ugh!  What's a girl to do?! 
To quote a famous philosopher I know  "when in doubt...Grout, baby!" Oy!

Only 13 of the 5-5-5 this morning, ? ...thought we would have more.
Bill and Bob are here for their weekly Sunday round, and a few more are starting to trickle in.
Soon Therese will start to make Jeff his traditional Sunday Morn breakfast, I will feed Jake his daily "nummies" laced with his morning joint medicine, and then it will be time to start waiting on golfers making the turn.
This is my weekend here at "the Dog". All is right in Richfield.

Next week looks to be a busy one.
We are hosting a couple outings this week, one of which I will be participating in.
Saturday is my friend Jill's annual outing hosted by C-town. Some members from the club participate, along with patrons of the grill, many of which I know. 
It's a fun day and I'm looking forward to it.

Lot's of Club events still to come for the year.  But August is just around the corner.!?
Soon Jeff and I will be talking football, and planning his Annual Football Bash.
Where has the time gone? That age old question.....
that's all I have for now.
Time for me to go downstairs and give Therese a hand.
Hope you can get out soon and enjoy the course.
We look forward to seeing your smiling faces.
Have a good one!